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I Am All Stories Creative Journaling

Empowering people through journaling and creativity for holistic well-being.



I Am All Stories Cerativity and Wellbeing

Welcome to I Am All Stories, where we celebrate the extraordinary power of creativity and journaling for holistic well-being. Our mission is to inspire positive change in the lives of individuals and communities through journaling and creativity. With our carefully curated prompts, programs, and workshops, we foster personal growth, empowerment, and inner harmony by embracing the transformative potential of creativity.

Our dedicated team of passionate creatives, educators, and facilitators cultivate a supportive environment that values self-expression. We support and encourage individuals to freely explore their thoughts, emotions, and inner worlds through creativity and journaling, leading to small life changes, beneficial patterns, increased well-being, and self-care. By infusing creativity into the process, we unlock the limitless possibilities it holds for mental health, self-awareness, and resilience.

Take Part

We're delighted to offer a transformative opportunity, whether you're in search of motivation, support, or inspiration, we provide:

  • Regular Prompts: Engage with frequent prompts designed to inspire introspection. Encouraging you to view life from different angles, these prompts will motivate you to make positive changes, express yourself, and deeply reflect on your emotions through journaling and creativity.

  • Online Facilitated Sessions: Participate in regular online gatherings guided by our seasoned facilitators. With vast experience in mental health, well-being, self-care, and creativity, they'll lead sessions that not only provide knowledge and guidance but also foster a sense of community.


I Am All Stories Creative Prompts
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I Am All Stories started in the midst of the global pandemic, born from an unwavering vision to connect individuals through the transformative power of creativity. At a time when isolation and uncertainty loomed large, we were determined to spark a ripple effect of wellness across communities.

It all began by posting hand-decorated miniature envelopes. Tucked inside these envelopes were creative prompts, tiny seeds of inspiration designed to ignite imagination, foster connectivity and bolster mental health. These simple yet significant gestures acted as lifelines, bridging gaps between people during the pandemic.

The spark we ignited quickly grew into a flame, gaining recognition and funding from significant bodies such as the Arts Council England and the Big Lottery Community Fund. This critical support empowered us to expand our reach and deepen our impact.

Since those early days, we've had the privilege of collaborating with a multitude of organisations. Sending out hundreds of these "envelopes of inspiration", and not just physically we also distributed prompts via email. This dual approach allowed us to reach and inspire more people, in their own homes and in their own time.

We also partnered with organisations across England and Wales to provide in-person support to those who were most in need of mental health support. 

From the start of I Am All Stories to the present day, our mission has remained steadfast - to connect people through creativity and enhance wellbeing. Every envelope sent, every digital prompt shared, every in-person meeting, was a step forward in our quest. We remain passionate and committed to fostering a community where creativity is the key to connection and wellbeing.

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