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I Am All Stories, The Full Story

About Us:

The whole team at I Am All Stories are people who are passionate about doing something meaningful. Before coming together at I Am All Stories, we have all been involved in voluntary work or have worked in charities for many years because our collective and individual passion is about supporting others, especially in areas of mental health and well-being. We are educators, facilitators, creatives, and we aspire to be changemakers. We have been supported by both The Arts Council England and The Big Lottery Community Fund, which has allowed us to work with some amazing people and organisations, and really focus on what matters – helping people tap into their own potential, resilience, and narrative. As an organisation, and as the individual people within that organisation, we are committed to making a ripple of positivity in the world, promoting well-being, and revealing to people the remarkable brilliance they embody.


A Look Back at Our Beginnings:

This project began during the pandemic, addressing the acute need for connection and uplift among those most battling isolation. We reached out to people and offered them an opportunity for creative expression, self-reflection, and connection.


Our Current Work:

Over the past four years, we've partnered with community groups and mental health charities, to provide workshops and prompts, supporting some of the most in need with creative and journalling projects. We're constantly offering participants opportunities to develop, heal, and grow.


Although at the core of our organisation is the work we do partnered with organisations across the country, another huge part of our work is to inspire as many people as possible to engage in journalling and creative activities for well-being. We are always aiming to reach everyone, to aid people's sense of their own narrative, and to improve the well-being of as many people as we can.

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Facilitator / Co-ordinator

With nearly 15 years of experience as a facilitator, Willow has dedicated her career to fostering connections and support among those in need, working extensively with charities, organisations, and community groups. Willow's expertise extends into the corporate world, where she have played a pivotal role in enhancing staff well-being, creativity, and innovative thinking. At the core of Willow's approach lies a deep commitment to creativity, journalling, well-being, and empowerment, principles that have guided her efforts to inspire and uplift individuals and teams across various sectors.

Core Team



Designer / Co-ordinator

Arran is a multifaceted graphic designer, artist, and project manager with an impressive 18 years of experience collaborating with a diverse range of creative and community organisations. His journey has seen him making significant contributions as both a designer and a project manager, working with entities from arts venues to mental health groups. Arran's creativity and leadership have been instrumental in the conception, development, and launch of numerous community and creative projects and groups, highlighting his passion for leveraging art and design to foster community engagement and support.



Facilitator / Co-ordinator

Nick brings a wealth of experience as a facilitator, with a robust background in supporting community and well-being groups, youth collectives, and the corporate sector. His work focuses on community building and enhancing staff well-being, underpinned by a profound passion for self-compassion, creativity, and journaling as powerful tools for healing. As a trained Narrative Coach, Nick excels in harnessing the power of storytelling to guide individuals through their personal journeys. His approach is both empathetic and transformative, aiming to empower others to navigate their stories with resilience and insight.

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